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My Journey: Saying YES to New Adventures

I posted this picture last month after our field trip to the mountains of Matagalpa and my friend Whitty commented, “I feel like this photo captures the season you’re in and where you’re headed.” I’ve thought a lot recently about this comment because as soon as I read what she wrote, it just felt so utterly TRUE. All of it feels accurate. The being launched forward with the help of my community that loves me here in Chichigalpa. The fear, the joy, the adventure, the anticipation that you feel right before you swing forward into the unknown. Yep. That feels like life at this particular moment… 

   Here I am about to end a 7 1/2 year season. In one month I will officially end my time working with New Song Mission. This has been such a gloriously full and beautiful season! I have learned so much about the Lord, myself, Nicaragua and ministry in these past 7 years. I have absolutely loved building up the sponsorship program, falling in love with precious families, discipling incredible teenagers, leading Sunday school, and seeing our kids and teens believe in themselves. I have loved being a part of this ministry. Saying goodbye to New Song and my roles here is bittersweet for sure, but my heart longs to move forward into my dreams.  

I am leaving New Song, but not Chichigalpa. I am stepping down from my current ministry here in order to be able to step fully into the dreams that the Lord has placed in my heart for the Abide Home.

But I do need a sabbatical time in between. I need some time to process, to rest, to fully let go of my current season, and prepare to move into the next. So, next month when I leave New Song I will be boarding a plane for the States and spending 6 months there. I’m anxious about that time. This is the longest (by far) that I’ve spent in the States since moving overseas. I’m not really sure how to integrate back into life in the States. Plus I know my heart is really going to miss my normal life and relationships here (not that I don’t have many relationships in the States that I miss dearly when I’m in Nica as well). However, the Lord told me at the end of 2016 that this year would be a year where I get to say yes to so many beautiful new adventures. I’m trying to hold tight to that perspective and realize that this time in the States is a gift. It’s an adventure that I get to say yes to this year. 

   So my plan is to soak in all the joy, beauty and goodness of this next month here at New Song. I will probably cry a lot as I grieve the ending of this season, but I will also celebrate with great joy that the ending of this season allows me to launch into the next. I cannot believe that my season of creating family is finally about to begin. This dream was birthed in my heart nearly 10 years ago. The road has been long and has taken more unexpected turns than I can count, but the journey has been so beautiful and life giving. 

    And then I will soak up all the goodness and beauty of my six months in the States. I will dive deeply into community and worship. I will eat delicious foods. I will spend precious time with my family and friends. I will travel and laugh and rest. And I will receive training and pray for vision for Abide. 

    And finally in January 2018 I will be heading back to Chichigalpa, moving into the Abide Home, and launching this new dream for a foster home. 

   Yes, this is a year full of transition. But it is also a year of saying YES…. Yes to the Lord’s leading. Yes to new adventures. Yes to stepping forward into my dreams.