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Embracing Mystery & Rest

“The more comfortable we are with mystery in our journey, the more rest we will know along the way.” -John Eldredge, Journey of Desire

   This new year I have been trying to learn to live, work and minister from a place of rest. I have discovered that a big part of that is a willingness to embrace mystery and to trust the God who knows even when I do not. Right now there are some things that I ma trying to figure out for the future of Abide. I am trying to find out if we need to re-work our vision in order to be able to work within the governmental requirements. Right now I do not know exactly what that means for Abide’s vision, but I know the God who does. So, I lean into His Spirit and I allow Him to speak and move and reveal in His timing. I trust, rest, and pray knowing that He is a good God with good plans. This dream that He began, He will carry it on to completion.   

“But as it is written, ‘What no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human heart has conceived- God has prepared these things for those who love Him.’ Now God has revealed these things to us by the Spirit, since the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.” -1Corinthians 2:9-10 

   Currently, I’m setting aside time each day to listen to the Lord, to sit in His Presence and be led by His Spirit. I am also just trying to be intentional to do the things that I can on the Stateside work while I wait for word from Nicaragua about our day-to-day ministry vision there.

    As far as current Stateside work, I attending training in Ohio at the end of January on becoming “A Trauma Competent Caregiver”. I have been learning strategies for working with children from trauma backgrounds and received materials to train my staff at Abide (once I have hired staff). I have also developed a plan for Abide’s Board of Directors. I have sent emails to potential board members inviting them to join me in this ministry. I will have an official count for our Board of Directors in early March. I am also working with a friend of mine in website design to update Abide’s website. I promise to share that with you once it is updated.


   I still think daily about my sweet kids in Nicaragua. The faces of my sponsored students who have inspired me and who have caused my heart to dream deeply.

    My heart beats so strongly for the restoration of family. I long to see every child growing up in a home where they know that they are loved. Where they are free and encouraged to walk in the fullness of who the Lord has created them to be. I long for Abide to be a place of peace, grace, love and restoration. A place where children and families feel that they belong, where the Spirit pours out healing and restoration over hearts and lives.  

   The journey to Abide has been longer than I had expected. But the dream is worth the wait. I will continue to move forward with intentionality completing the next steps in front of me and I will continue to embrace mystery knowing that ultimately it is the Lord who directs my steps. 

   Please continue to pray for Abide. Pray for our board of directors that the Lord will provide wisdom for each person who is currently praying about their involvement. Pray for our work with the government that we will find the correct vision that allows us to work together well and meet the needs of the children around us. Pray for our future staff that the Lord will go before me in forming the staff that we need to carry forth this ministry.  

“Compassion and connection—the very things that give purpose and meaning to our lives—can only be learned if they are experienced. And our families are our first opportunities to experience these things.” -Brene Brown, Daring Greatly 

   We want to build a family where children experience compassion and connection and through that learn to live forth their God-given purposes and identities. Please continue to pray with us.